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Author: fredrichlariccia

Last night 24 million of our fellow Americans tuned in to a premier performance any sane person could only describe as a mindless cacophony of know-nothing crazy.

The screeching dissonance ranged from threatening to bolts of lightning, misogynistic Trumpeting thunderclaps to barely audible Bushian whispers pleading for the asylum inmates to mind their playing so as not to expose their madness and scare off the few remaining voices of reason.

As for maestro Hillary, she must have been composing her harmonious melody realizing her conductors’ coat-tails might be long enough for sanity to win back Congress thereby assuring a progressive legacy for the next  generation including a nullifying Citizens United Supreme Court.

Oh, how ironic that on the very night America’s comedic genius, John Stewart, gracefully danced off stage to the moving sounds of the Boss, the bombastic lunatic fringe stumbled on.

Fred Rich LaRiccia


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