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What Jeb Bush Did Not Tell the Urban League

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Author: dianeravitch

Jeb Bush went before the convention of the National Urban League and touted his credentials as a reformer. He started a charter school in 1996 in high-poverty Liberty City.

Politico reports:

“Jeb Bush spoke about his time founding Florida’s first charter school and boasted about his track record on education as Florida governor in a speech to the National Urban League. The experience of starting a school “still shapes the way I see the deep-seated challenges facing people in urban communities today,” Bush said. “So many people could do so much better in life if we could come together and get even a few big things right in government. I acted on that belief as governor of Florida. It’s a record I’ll gladly compare with anyone else in the field.”

But Jeb didn’t tell the whole story. He didn’t say that the school developed financial problems, and he lost interest in it. He didn’t say that the school closed its doors in 2008.

He didn’t tell the whole truth. He didn’t talk about the kids who were stranded when the school closed. He didn’t mention that Florida has become a rich playground for for-profit charter entrepreneurs. He didn’t share his knowledge about the perils of charters that open and close with frequency.

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