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Author: Donald Green

Last night 14 of the 16 GOP candidates took turns making their vision of governance quite clear.  They put their best foot forward, but can they appeal to the voter that what they are saying is reliable?

So for those of you who watched, I’m starting an open thread to display themes or actual quotes, and trying to see if what they said holds water.

I will start off with the easiest.  Both Carly Fiorino and Lindsey Graham called Hillary Clinton a lier and a common criminal. Their fury had no bounds with Fiorino, no bastion of veracity, calling Sec Clinton a liar, and Graham had his own version of “Clinton Speak” that nothing the Clintons say is truthful.  The former touted her CEO experience that ultimately caused her to be fired, treating employees as enemies, and Lindsey Graham has told a few whoppers about how the “surge” in Iraq had won the peace.

So BMGers I’m going to lay back, and see what take aways you saw from the event, and what counters there are to put the kibosh on these less than truthful lot.

I am asking to sharpen our focus when the more broadly broadcasted debate takes place on Thursday.  They can not be allowed to let trickle down economics, using American soldiers as cannon fodder, and making those people’s lives who are down on their luck even harder without providing any policies in its place.

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