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Marv McMoore Jr., College Democrats of America President

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Author: CollegeDemsOfMA

Below is the College Democrats of Massachusetts’ statement after the College Democrats of America Executive Board voted to remove CDA President Natasha Mckenzie. Following the CDA Constitution, the current Vice President, Marv McMoore Jr., will assume the role of National President. McMoore, a recent graduate of Northeastern University and previous President of the College Democrats of Massachusetts, worked on the campaigns of Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Ed Markey, and is a previous recipient of the Massachusetts Democratic Party Governor Deval Patrick internship. 

“Tonight, the Executive Board of the College Democrats of America voted to remove Natasha McKenzie in the wake of several acts of malfeasance and misfeasance that occurred during the 2015 College Democrats of America national convention. Last night, the CDA National Council voted overwhelming to remove Natasha McKenzie. CDM is pleased to see the Executive Board act swiftly in following the will of the majority of its state federations.

CDA Vice President, Marv McMoore Jr., will now fulfill the role as CDA National President effective immediately. The College Democrats of Massachusetts stands fully behind CDA President Marv McMoore Jr., and is confident in Marv’s ability to lead the organization through this transition period. As the previous President of the College Democrats of Massachusetts, Marv has demonstrated the marks of a true leader both on and off campus. CDM can think of no better College Democrat to lead us through this important election cycle more than Marv McMoore Jr.

Any College Democrats interested in discussing Marv McMoore’s past record of success at the chapter, state, and national level of Democratic activism are welcomed to reach out to any member of the College Democrats of Massachusetts. Together, we College Democrats across the country will continue to fight for our progressive ideals across both the commonwealth of Massachusetts and the country.”

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