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Chris Christie: The “Single Most Destructive Force in American Education” is the Teachers’ Union

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Author: dianeravitch

Chris Christie was asked on national television by CNN host Jake Tapper who at the national level deserves a punch in the face. Christie replied, according to the Wall Street Journal‘s account,

“Oh, the national teachers union, who has already endorsed Hillary Clinton 16, 17 months before the election.”

Mr. Tapper: “Why?”

Mr. Christie: “Because they’re not for education for our children. They’re for greater membership, greater benefits, greater pay for their members. And they are the single most destructive force in public education in America. I have been saying that since 2009. I’ve got the scars to show it. But I’m never going to stop saying it, because they never change their stripes.”

Since most teachers are women, and the leaders of both unions are women, Governor Christie relishes the idea of punching a woman in the face. Nice. What a bully.

So here is a thought experiment for Chris Christie:

Which states are the highest performing in the United States?

Answer: Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Question: Do these states have teachers’ unions and collective bargaining?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Governor Christie, can you name a non-union state that is high-performing?

Answer: (silence)

Bottom line:

Teachers’ unions advocate for higher teacher salaries, which is good for teachers and ultimately for students because their schools have happy, experienced teachers; teachers’ unions advocate for reduced class sizes, which is good for teachers and immediately for students; teachers’ unions advocate for better working conditions, because working conditions are also learning conditions; teachers’ unions advocate for greater public investment in public schools, which is good for students, schools, and communities.

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