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Hillary Knocks Jeb’s Hard-Right Conservatism

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Author: dianeravitch

I was pleased to see Hillary Clinton take on Jeb Bush forcefully before the annual conference of the National Urban League.

Jeb! has been trying to position himself as a moderate, which he is not. He is as hard-right as Scott Walker but knows he has to keep his conservatism under wraps, at least until he nails down the nomination. After all, among the GOP candidates, he has raised the most money and has the most powerful connections in the party.

Mrs. Clinton, a Democratic candidate for president, latched onto Mr. Bush’s campaign slogan and the name of his “super PAC” —Right to Rise, his shorthand for a conservative agenda of self-reliance and hope — and turned it into a verbal spear.

“People can’t rise if they can’t afford health care,” Mrs. Clinton said to applause from conventiongoers, a dig at Mr. Bush’s opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

“They can’t rise if the minimum wage is too low to live on,” she said, a jab at his opposition to raising the federal minimum wage.

“They can’t rise if their governor makes it harder for them to get a college education,” she said, a critique of Mr. Bush’s decision as governor to eliminate affirmative action in college admissions.

When Mr. Bush reached the lectern, declaring, “I believe in the right to rise in this country,” the scent of political gunpowder was still in the air.

Jeb’s staff complained that Hillary had “passed over a chance to unite…” What? Since when do  political opponents competing for the Presidency “unite”?

Now if Hillary goes after Jeb’s dismal education record and his passion for school privatization and his shredding of teachers’ professionalism, that will be something.

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