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We’re not worthy!!!

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Author: Pablo

What a disgrace.

Here we have a bunch of unelected, sniveling NIMBYs who are probably off somewhere celebrating their tremendous victory against the evil Olympics. Emboldened, they are certainly looking for something else to run out of town. I don’t know what. Maybe ice cream.

Meanwhile, Boston now looks truly miserable and inhospitable. Hub of the universe? Humbug. We are now the place where we can’t get the trains to work. Improve our infrastructure by 2024? NO! We can’t even fix the trains we have. Use the bidding process as an opportunity to sell Boston as a tourist destination? Nah. We don’t want the hotel occupancy tax revenue, we don’t want the meals tax revenue, we don’t really want to be bothered with visitors.

No Boston Olympics was all over this thing from the minute the US Olympic Committee told us that Boston would be a wonderful place to invite the world for a celebration. Yes, the whole thing was at the beginning of the process, and lots of questions needed to be answered. But No Boston Olympics didn’t care about getting the facts on the table. Everything was bad, and every change to meed legitimate objections was even more evil. It was a constant barrage of negativity that didn’t allow us to fairly evaluate the costs and benefits of holding the Olympics in Boston.

Despite their ever increasing calls for transparency from Boston 2024, No Boston Olympics was fueled with undisclosed funding from unnamed supporters. Here we had a wonderful excuse to fix our infrastructure with a firm deadline. Here we had a wonderful opportunity to look really wonderful on television across the world, free media telling the world that our city is a wonderful place to visit with economic benefits in the long term. Did those possibilities matter? No! Let’s just condemn the whole idea of doing anything.

Did the numbers actually work? I don’t know. We didn’t get that far. All we got was a bunch of rock throwers who chased the whole idea out of town before we got the answers. Plus, we got a bunch of elected “leaders” standing at the side until the polling numbers started trending.

Shame on us.


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