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Tune In To Bernie Sanders Kickoff July 29th 7:30pm EDT

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Author: Donald Green

Be part of an amazing organizational effort.  As of right now there are 3,146 meeting places with 81,677 RSVPs and counting for the Senator Bernie Sanders Kickoff event.  It is an effort to bring in working volunteers from every state in the Union into the campaign. This campaign is not a blip in the summer season, but is meant to build strong grassroots support, and it has.  Stop the Democratic angst handicapping , and enthusiastically make the effort to get Bernie better known to Dems, moderate GOPs(if there are any left), and Independents.  As one of his signs says:  “You know you wanna vote for him”.

If you want a bird’s eye view, and sign up for the event, go here.

Parts of Bernie’s biography dribbles out here and there.  Let’s put it together in one place.

He was a civil rights activists on women issues and racial issues.  He led protests while a student in Chicago to integrate still segregated dorms.  He went to Washington DC to be part of the thousands on the mall to hear Martin Luther King give his “I have a dream speech”.

He ran as an Independent and won the mayoral race in Burlington, Vt.  He beat out a Democratic incumbent.  He made the city more livable in terms of affordable housing, and creating beautiful public space.  He was elected 3 more times serving 8 years in total and had the support of all political stripes.  In one instance in particular he was opposed by the real estate mogul in Burlington, Tony Pomerleau, during his first election, but after this gentleman saw Bernie’s accomplishments he was on board as a strong supporter in his next 3 races.  To see the wide appeal he had here is an article from “The Nation” magazine. entitled “What Kind of Mayor Was Bernie Sanders”.

You all know he went on to become Vermont’s lone representative for 16 years, and is presently a re-elected Senator from the Green Mountain State.  However his record as the longest serving Independent is lesser known.  He has the most passed amendments of any legislator in history.  Who says he can’t appeal to other political stripes and get things done?  He has a progressive pragmatic history that engages all political ideologies.

He has asked for a POLITICAL Revolution(ain’t preaching violence) to put him, and like minded politicians in office to carry out the agenda that the majority of voters  want.  He wants mandate numbers.  None of this less than 50% of registered voters showing up at the polls.  He will give them something, very clearly stated, to vote for.  His past history says he will do it by gaining people’s support first, then enjoining the whole of the Congress to get it done.

If you can’t get to a Kickoff Party or prefer a quieter viewing of his live streaming video that starts at 7:30pm EDT or for the night owls, it will be shown again at 10pm EDT.  The link is here.

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