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Here we go again

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Author: SomervilleTom

Yet another out-of-control cop in Massachusetts.

Multiple sources (including pretty much every local mainstream media outlet) report that Medford detective Stephen Lebert threatened to “put a hole right through your (expletive) head” (emphasis mine):

MEDFORD, Mass. — A Boston-area detective has been placed on administrative leave after he was recorded Sunday night apparently making threats to a driver during an off-duty traffic stop, reports CBS Boston.

The driver recorded the incident on his dashboard video camera. The recording, which was uploaded to YouTube, begins after the driver allegedly drove the wrong way on a rotary, or traffic circle.

Soon after the video begins, the detective, who has been identified as Stephen Lebert, can be seen pulling his pickup truck alongside the driver’s car, and exiting, wearing a sleeveless undershirt and shorts.

As Lebert approaches the driver-side door, the driver reverses the car. Lebert can then be seen displaying what appears to be a badge.

“I’ll put a hole right through your (expletive) head,” Lebert can then be heard saying, two times within a a matter of seconds.

As the driver then pulls into a parking spot, Lebert can be heard saying, “I’m a (expletive) Medford detective.”

He adds: “You’re lucky I’m a cop, because I’d be beating the (expletive) (expletive) out of you right now.”

All this for what should have been a routine traffic stop.

To fully appreciate just how bad the situation was, I encourage you to watch the raw dashcam video taken by the victim.

This was no heat-of-the-moment burst of adrenalin, the perpetrator was never threatened. His behavior towards the victim, during the entire 7-minute video, is a case study in abusive police behavior.

This strikes a little closer to home for me because the incident took place within walking distance of my home.

How many other “bad apples” like this are there, and what will it take to remove the threat they represent to the public? This officer, abusing a soft-spoken civilian even after the victim informed him of the dash-cam, has been with the PD for THIRTY YEARS. Dangerously unstable, heavily-armed thugs like Mr. Lebert are a far more immediate threat to my personal safety than ANY “terrorist” threat, including the Boston Marathon bombing. If we can shred constitutional freedoms and turn our society into an armed police state in the interest of “protecting” us from “potential terrorists”, is there something we can do to protect us from thugs like this?

When will this state start protecting my family and me from home-grown state-sponsored terrorists employed by local law enforcement agencies?

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