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An ultimatum? Really, USOC?

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Author: David


A person familiar with the bid says the U.S. Olympic Committee has given Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker until the end of the day Friday to declare whether he supports the movement to bring the 2024 Olympics to Boston.

If true (and Baker’s office appears to be denying it), this is perhaps the most boneheaded move yet by the folks interested in having an Olympics in Boston – and that’s saying quite something.  Baker, after all, has already commissioned an outside consultant (to the tune of something like $250,000) to do a detailed evaluation of the feasibility of a Boston Olympics.  And the USOC knows this.  Yet, they expect him to preempt his own consultant and jump on the bandwagon by this afternoon?  Absurd.  And if he doesn’t, then what?  How does the USOC hold any cards in this situation?

Baker, if he has any sense, will politely ignore this nonsense from the USOC, and will await his consultant’s report, just like he said he was going to do.  And if the USOC wants to fold their tent, well, that’s their call.  At this point, maybe they’d be doing us all a favor.

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