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Maura Healey speaks up for equal pay for equal work

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Author: Bob Neer

Just what we need: an activist DA who recognizes the link between politics and justice. Email:

Massachusetts has an opportunity to address a core economic issue for women and families and we need your help. Will you join me to stand up for mothers, daughters and granddaughters across the state by calling your legislators right now and telling them you support equal pay for equal work? …

In 1945, Massachusetts passed the country’s first equal pay act and became the first state to require equal pay for equal work. That was 70 years ago and we still haven’t delivered on that promise. The facts are clear:

· Massachusetts women earn about 80 percent of what men earn for the same job, a pay gap that’s even wider among mothers and women of color.

· Nationwide, more than half of families depend on women’s earnings and, as of 2013, women were the lone or primary breadwinner in 40 percent of households with children.

We need to do better. That’s why I’m supporting legislation to do just that. I urged lawmakers to support pay equity legislation which would make some critical updates to the law by guaranteeing employees the right to discuss their wages openly with their employers, providing important legal protection to employers that do the right thing around wage disparities and creating a more workable standard for bringing an equal pay claim under the law, bringing Massachusetts in line with federal law.

Can I nominate Healey for Governor? She’d do a lot more for Massachusetts than Charlie Baker.

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