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Author: fredrichlariccia

As a recent retiree from public service, I spent the day watching news coverage and analysis of the opening of the Cuban embassy in Washington D.C.  I felt a sense of pride after hearing that the Cuban Foreign Minister ordered the playing of the Star Spangled Banner inside the reception following the raising of the Cuban flag.

Secretary of State John Kerry spoke movingly about today’s historical significance and announced that he would officiate at the opening of the American embassy in Havana next month.

The irony of this flag raising following the recent lowering of the Confederate flag in the South and the peace deal with Iran to block their nuclear bomb making program made me marvel at the accomplishments of lame duck President Barack Obama.  I never thought I’d live to witness all this positive, progressive change but seeing is believing.


Fred Rich LaRiccia

Founder, P.O.W.A.R.




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