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Vicki Cobb: How Common Core Shafts Quality Nonfiction

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Author: dianeravitch

Vicki Cobb, a well-known writer of science books for children, was not at all happy with the New York Times’ report on How Common Core has affected the English curriculum.

She writes:

“One of the huge misconceptions about the implementation of the CC is that nonfiction must replace a certain amount of fiction in ELA classes.

“The intent, as we nonfiction authors interpret it, is that there should be a lot more reading of high-quality nonfiction material across the curriculum. There are wonderful books about art, music, sports, as well as history, science and geography that have been shut out of must classrooms.

“Unfortunately, nonfiction has been equated with the flat, boring writing that is in textbooks that destroy the desire to read along with the desire to learn.

“Kate Taylor, also exhibits her ignorance of this huge body of nonfiction literature that can enhance reading and learning in her article by not mentioning it. I can assure you that I wrote her about that.”

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