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The Newark Rumors Were Correct: Cami Anderson Steps Down Before Contract Expires

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Author: dianeravitch

Yesterday Bob Braun reported that Cami Anderson would step down in a day or two and be replaced by former state commissioner Chris Cerf. He was right. Cerf will serve as interim superintendent until a permanent replacement is selected by Governor Christie.


Cami Anderson announced that she was resigning and hoped that the work she had done in Newark would be an inspiration for other urban districts.


Cami Anderson had a very rough ride in Newark. She arrived as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook gave Newark $100 million for “reform.” Cami proceeded to use that money and much more to implement a bold privatization plan, closing neighborhood schools and replacing them with charter schools. Newark parents and students became very angry. They had nothing to say about what happened to them or their schools. The school board, which was powerless, was angry at Cami, and one school board member insulted her; Cami stopped attending school board meetings. A few months ago, students from the Newark Student Union occupied her office and refused to leave until she met with them. Their number one demand: She should resign.


Anderson claimed credit for an increased graduation rate and for the choice plan that parents and students hated.


Now it is Chris Cerf’s turn. The local school board has heard that Governor Christie might consult them. That would be a first.

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