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Martin Levine: The Charter War in Chicago

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Author: dianeravitch

Martin Levine writes in the NonProfit Quarterly about the war between charter schools and public schools in Chicago. Two years ago, Mayor Emanuel closed almost 50 public schools, most of which will be replaced by charters.

Levine writes:

“What is happening in Chicago illustrates well the debate going on nationally between those who believe that the solution to our educational challenges lies in creating a more robust educational marketplace where every parent and child has the ability to choose the school that is best suited to their needs, interests, and talents, and those who believe that ensuring a quality education for all children requires dealing with issues of proper school funding, poverty, race and community. The struggle in Chicago seems to indicate that the advocates for a market-based strategy are winning this tug of war.

“The Chicago Tribune ended an editorial this week with this plea: “This is a war that has to end. It does not serve children.” But with limited school budgets and little data to suggest the marketplace model of education actually outperforms or even matches the public school model, it seems unlikely that their wish will come true.”

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